Veronique Sauret-Jackson

BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA


Veronique studied Physics for her first degree and specialised in Medical Imaging & Bioengineering for her MSc. She then trained as a clinical scientist and worked for 10 years in the NHS, specialising in medical imaging and surgical planning. Her PhD focussed on the fusion of different imaging modalities to give clinicians enhanced functional and anatomical information. Veronique joined Cavendish Imaging and co-founded Cavendish Implants in 2007. Cone Beam CT was just starting to be taken up by clinicians as an amazing new low-radiation technology for improved 3D diagnostics and surgical planning. Clinicians were also more and more interested in going into surgery informed and well-prepared to minimise surgery and rehabilitation time and complications. Now managing director, Veronique says: “Since acquiring our first scanner and 3D printer, we have developed an unparalleled experience in the imaging flow, 3D printing and surgical planning. This means that we can confidently assist clinicians with the smallest imaging challenge to the most complex surgery. The key to our services is to ensure that we help everyone in the clinical team visualising their patient’s data in ways that are relevant to them, to their specific needs”. Veronique teaches physics and imaging regularly on various university programmes and is a reviewer for the DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology journal.